Student Safety
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Danger Zones

The first ten (10) feet around the perimeter of the school bus is a danger zone.  Please instruct your student to be careful in the danger zones.  There are many blind spots inherent to a school bus because of its size. 

  •  The most dangerous spots are in the front and back right corner.  Parents/Guardians, please make your student aware of these areas.

Proper Crossing Procedures

  • If a child has to cross in front of the bus, knowledge of safe crossing procedures is vital.
  • Waiting for a signal to cross. A student getting on or off the bus should use the sidewalk and walk in front of the bus and make eye contact with the driver. 
  • When it is clear to cross the driver will give the student the universal signal to cross. As a precaution the student should always look both ways before crossing.
  • The bus horn warns of danger.If a driver blows the horn the student should immediately return to the side of the road which they started crossing from. 
  • When parents are meeting the bus they should wait on the side of the road where the student will be getting off then follow thed above procedures for crossing.  Parents need to discourage their student from running across the road to greet them.

Bus stops are another danger zone.  With groups of kids gathering in one spot, for their safety, they should always be on their best behavior.


  • They should never play catch or any rough housing in anyway at the bus stops.  Please make sure your student is on time to avoid running to and from the bus stops. 
  • National statistics have shown the most hazardous time of student transport is at pick-up and drop off.  It is essential for their safety that students be aware of bus stop dangers.

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