Click Image to Enlarge - click for larger image If at anytime a student tells the bus driver they feel their safety is being threatened by another student or adult the driver will: 

  • Immediately notify his/her supervisor and the school principal. 
  • If the driver’s safety is threatened the driver will immediately notify his/her supervisor.
  • New York State Law strictly forbids any person from boarding a school bus without the express consent of the bus driver.  This includes parents.
  • If any threatening situation seems to warrant more response than this the appropriate authorities will be called to the bus to ensure the safety of students and drivers. 

The bus driver should be notified by a student anytime they feel they are being bullied or are the object of any negative attention.

  • The driver needs to be aware of these circumstances so that they may take appropriate action. 
  • If your student is uncomfortable sharing this information with their driver, please contact the transportation department. (315-493-0950) 
  •  Your student’s safety is our highest priority!  Our staff is always willing to discuss these issues with you and your concerns will be addressed immediately.  
  • Photographs and video images of students and staff have been classified as personal data under the Data Protection Act of 1998.  Therefore, the use of such images is Strictly Prohibited.  The Data Protection Act of 1998 was enacted to safeguard the welfare and privacy of students and staff.  The DPA protects all who are unknowingly or unwillingly captured and applies to all forms of publications: print, film, video, DVD, on websites, or any other forms of photo media.