Project Advance, DoDEA

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Project Advance- DoDEA Grant

  • Goal 1: Increase military dependent students' early literacy school readiness.
  • Goal 2: Increase the level of social and emotional supports for military dependent students. 
  • Goal 3: Increase grade 3 and 4 military dependent students' achievement in ELA. 

Key Accomplishments: 

Δ   Home School Liaison trained in the Parent As 
     Teachers Model providing in-home support to 
     families with children age 5 and below.
Δ   25 week after school and 3 week summer 
     program for students in grades 1-4 focusing
     on ELA enrichment. 
Δ   ELA Interventionist to provide training to 
     teachers PreK-4 in all aspects of literacy 
Δ   Primary Project Counselors to work with K-2
     grade students on building social/emotional