21st CCLC

21st CCLC (21st Century Community Learning Centers)


Goal 1: Middle School After-School Program/ Middle School Summer Program to serve 177 students per year. 
* Extensive After-school Program serves over 100 students per day,
          Monday - Thursday for 25 weeks. 
* Three week Summer Program that serves over 130 students. 

* Partner with Cornell Cooperative Extension for
Entrepreneurship Coach. 

Goal 2: Advisory Council to promote program improvement and sustainability.
* Advisory Council made up of all stake holders to meet four times a year. 

Goal 3: Parent Education and Involvement. 
* Parent Involvement/Connection Activities such as Literacy Night,                    Financial Skills, Parent Nights, Military Celebrations, and student                showcases. 

There is also a Counselor to promote school attendance and readiness at the middle and high school levels.