Early College Initiative (ECI)

2015-2020(extended to September 2020)

"The mission of the Early College Initiative (ECI) is to increase the number of

military dependent students prepared for college and career success."


Carthage Central School District, serves 3,550 students, of which, 56% are military dependent students from the Fort Drum Army Base. The Early College Initiative (ECI) will mediate multiple risk factors its youth face that are barriers to postsecondary attainment and completion: low English language arts proficiency; the high costs of college; lack of family engagement in college planning and other social risk factors.  ECI will create a college going culture and provide academic and social/emotional supports that will give students a better chance at a fulfilling trade or career so they can best provide for their future families.  Such strategies include: ELA academic supports and extracurricular activities; RTI coordinated referral process; virtual learning; college transition counseling; parental college planning; college credits in high school;  and business internships. ECI has established partnerships with SUNY Canton, Jefferson Community College, Clarkson University, Cayuga College and the National Math and Science Institute to fulfill its mission.

The ECI goals are:

  • Increase grade 7-12 military dependent students' ELA achievement to NYS college readiness standards.
  • Increase military dependent students' opportunities to gain 12 or more credits in high school that count towards a professional certificate or college degree.
  • Increase Black River grade 3 and 4 military dependent students' achievement in English Language Arts.